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Pet Digital Radiography

Having a digital x-ray machine makes the radiology experience less stressful for your pet.


Pet Digital Radiography

Radiographs have been used for many decades as an effective non-invasive way for veterinarians to see inside the animal’s body. A radiograph machine works by sending high-energy radiographic beams into the targeted area of your pet’s body. The denser materials within your pet’s body including bones and teeth will absorb the radiographic beams and this will capture on the digital screen.
We many recommend that your pet receives digital radiographs for one of many reasons:

  • To assess your pet’s health
  • To check for bone fractures, joint dislocations, and other injuries related to blunt or high force trauma (e.g. car accident)
  • To visualize and/or confirm the presence of an ingested foreign object
  • To rule in or out the presence of certain health conditions including bone tumors

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