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Pet Digital Dental Radiography

Dogs and cats simply cannot tell us when their teeth are diseased, and some pets never show that they are in pain even though they are.

Dog Teeth
Dog Teeth

Pet Digital Dental Radiography

A tooth is like an iceberg – you only see about 1/3 of it! But disease often starts in the part of the tooth you can’t see – the root and bone. That’s where dental X-rays are helpful.

We offer digital dental radiography. Our Progeny X-ray machine provides digital images of the highest quality. We can send images over the internet to board-certified dentists for challenging cases, who can interpret the radiographs and give us timely advice.

Dental X-rays in dogs and cats are similar to those taken in humans. An X-ray machine using small amounts of radiation is used to see the inside of your dog or cat’s teeth and supporting structures.

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Pet Digital Dental Radiography

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